Privately installed and operated wind and solar panel generation systems connected to the electric grid continue to grow in numbers with no end in sight. Understandably, this is challenging the electric utility industry. They may face reduced electricity sales, difficult daily load shape, new safety issues but also perhaps new opportunities.

The Natus Smart Energy Appliance offers utilities and owners a perfect solution. The Natus appliance was designed from conception, with the input from multiple utilities, to be sanctioned by utilities for use with their rate payers. The Natus Appliance provides for the safe and reliable connection of any type of feed in electric supply. This includes forthcoming natural gas fired distributed generation devices such as fuel cells and micro-turbines.

It is connected completely outside the building next to the existing meter box where it's easily accessed. Installation and servicing is accomplished by local licensed electricians to ensure proper connection and safe operation.

The Natus appliance supports monitoring, managing and controlling the distributed generation capacity and load but doesn't interfere with exisiting smart meters, AMI or other demand response initiatives.

As owner/operators, utilities may use the cloud to manage large numbers of deployed Natus appliances with gateway integration to existing SCADA systems. Natus appliances position utilities to aggregate customers, and the generation capacity they offer, but also nuture a much deeper customer, value added service, relationship than ever before.

If you're a utility looking to offer distributed generation in your mix without interfering with existing initiatives, the Natus Smart Energy Appliance deserves your consideration.

To learn more about what the Natus Smart Energy Appliance has to offer for utilities you may request additional information by Contacting Us.