About Natus Energy

Natus Energy is a privately held company registered in the State of Minnesota in the USA.

Its founders all have over 30 years of experience in their fields of expertise across the utility industry, manufacturing, integrated circuit design, software engineering and business administration.

The company's mission, from inception, was to innovate a cross domain appliance to serve into the electrical power industry a superior method for providing safe, secure, environmentally conscientious, resilient and reliable electric power to the people of the world.

The system would incorporate both renewable and reliable on demand forms of feed in electric generation coupled with energy conservation management. It would be installed entirely outside the home or small business not requiring any disruptive and costly internal rewiring of the electrical system. It is installed by licensed electricians regardless of how it would be sold. It would cost under $10,000 USD (installed) and would recover the upfront capital investment cost in under 7 years from energy cost savings.

The Natus was designed with input from utilities to ensure it would be sanctioned by utilities which are expected to become widespread and large scale owner/operators of the systems as part to their evolving mix of distributed generation assets.

If you are interested in becoming involved with investment in the company and are an accredited investor please contact us to receive additional information.

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