Mark Free - President - CEO

Mr. Free oversees administrative affairs for Natus Energy, encompassing human resource and investor relations. Mr. Free expects to be integrally involved with business development efforts and coordinating with technical development initiatives for Cloud Platform, Natus firmware logic, web owner dashboard and electrician certification and training sites.

Mr. Free's history as an executive leader provides 30 years of experience in visionary problem solving, with a dynamic background in both domestic and international operations. While President of Silent Partner Ltd, a Washington based software developer and Microsoft solutions provider, Mr. Free introduced verticalized applications that offered sales process and customer relationship management to the financial broker/advisor, real estate development and senior living markets.

Clients such as Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, Raymond James, Weyerhaeuser, Anheuser Busch, Duke Power and Toro Corporation all used solutions developed by Silent Partner. Mr. Free oversaw development on a major software release and championed funding initiatives for growth capital. As vice president of operations for International Building Corporation, a supplier of containerized home packages to the Japanese market, Mr. Free coordinated logistics with suppliers and freight forwarding to Japan. Mr. Free co-founded and was president of Altair Aviation, a contract aircraft services and operations company. While leading Altair, Mr. Free forged relationships with business aircraft owners that resulted in 45 aircraft being operated under contract and in excess of 200 aircraft that were regularly serviced and maintained.

Mr. Free co-founded Partners4Growth, a Washington based consulting firm focused at business development. The partners each bring international experience and assist early stage companies with planning, positioning, funding and business development strategy and tactical implementation. Mr. Free will be actively involved in the day to day affairs of launching and managing Natus Energy. As the company grows, Mr. Free will be tasked with locating and placing seasoned management that will continue to move the company toward meeting its goals which is market dominance in behind the meter generation and energy conservation management that is grid-tied and offers smart energy load management to Utilities.

Mr. Free graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelors degree in Chemistry and Business Administration. He is a licensed commercial pilot and aircraft mechanic currently living in the greater Seattle area with his wife.

Mike Mathiowetz - Director of Product Development and Manufacturing

Mr. Mathiowetz expects to guide and direct RETG's manufacturing, distribution and implementation services group.

Mr. Mathiowetz is responsible for supply chain management and the completed assembly and installation of The Natus appliances. Mr. Mathiowetz drives cost containment and quality control by optimizing vendor relations using an ERP system for tracking assembly, distribution and scheduled site installation. From component parts to a fully installed and operating Natus appliance each component and step of the process is entered and tracked making available web access to the appropriate participants in the process.

Mr. Mathiowetz's 30 years of professional experience spans across multiple industries and areas of expertise both domestically and internationally. Mr. Mathiowetz founded and served as president of International Building Corporation which introduced the trademarked Amerikit containerized home package into the Japanese residential housing market in conjunction with Mitsubishi Building Division.

As the director of design and development at The Bernard Group, a leading provider of display systems, Mr. Mathiowetz was instrumental in landing large accounts with companies such as Sephora, Christian Dior, Macy's, Andersen Windows and a variety of others. In Mr. Mathiowetz's capacity as the director at Bernard Group he was the chief liaison with manufacturers in China, India and Vietnam.

Mr. Mathiowetz's life long entrepreneurial spirit has involved him with early stage companies and mature businesses alike across design, manufacturing and service based industries. Mr. Mathiowetz has been consulting recently with companies in the technology and renewable energy space for new business development and product positioning. He has designed a patent pending rooftop mounting and grid connection system for RETG's wind turbines and photo voltaic panels which reduces the time required for installation and streamlines the process for certified installers.

Mr. Mathiowetz attended the Northwest Technical Institute in Minneapolis Minnesota and received certification in Architectural Design and Engineering. Mr. Mathiowetz lives with his wife in the greater Minneapolis area.

Mark Kochanski - Director of Infomation Systems

Mr. Kochanski is expected to champion and direct the overall architecture, development and integration of RETG's information systems group. The group is tasked with the delivery of the Natus Cloud platform incorporating Smart- Grid technologies that offer economic benefit to both consumers and utilities alike. This involves the networking and distributed generation, storage and energy control devices used for load management within a residential home that is smart grid-tied and integrated with web based data share services.

Mr. Kochanski's broad base of experience across multiple industries and platforms offers not only a seasoned perspective but insightful approaches to delivering economically viable solutions. As a faculty member of the University of Washington Bothell's Computing and Software Systems Division of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for the last 15 years, he has been a dynamic leader in educating, inspiring and delivering some of the most talented technologists to the software industry.

As founder of Albion Technology, Mr. Kochanski has worked closely with industry for more than 20 years to architect business solutions for clients like SAIC and Matsushita Avionics, as well as a number of technology start ups. Past employment engagements include such notable companies as Exxon Mobil where Mr. Kochanski designed scientific and engineering systems, and Halliburton Energy Services where he was chief database architect for the oil field services group and represented the company on international standards committees.

Mr. Kochanski holds degrees from Purdue University in Economic Geology and Computer Science and maintains his professional geologist license. Mr. Kochanski lives in the greater Seattle area with his wife.

Jim Johnson- Integrated Circuit Design and Development

Mr. Johnson is expected to oversee the architecture, development and integration of RETG's controller board and firmware control of the Natus power systems and switching control. The controller board represents the on board intelligence for the The Natus that interacts with the Natus Cloud platform. These efforts result in the behind the meter energy resource management of both generation and conservation in accordance with an owner's preferences applying automated rules based triggers for systematic control of the The Natus.

Mr. Johnson has 30 years of design, development and integrated circuit layout, component testing and reliability tracking. Jim has worked across multiple industries that involved military contract work, medical and industrial controls.

Mr. Johnson attended the University of Minnesota and currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife.