With access to the Internet increasingly available almost anywhere in the world, the trend towards machine to machine control of devices across the Internet is exploding.

Often referred to as the "Internet of Things" (IOT) this movement is expected to be the next mega-trend similar to how microcomputers and cell phones were in the 70's and 80's.

The electric power industry's participation in the IOT is no exception. In fact, most utilities are having to rethink their future business model. Instead of being the historical monopolistic energy commodity providers, they are expected to evolve into being large scale network service providers, managing millions of distributed energy resources.

Resources will include all types of generation devices, transmission and communication equipment as well as electrical equipment and appliances in homes and businesses. This paradigm shift towards being a large scale networked services provider will require utilities, regulatory agencies and individuals to adapt to a new way of operating. It's not going to happen overnight but rather evolve over generations to come.

This evolution will result in a more environmentally sound method of serving electric power to the people of the world. A system that is more secure, resilient, and reliable. The Natus Smart Energy Appliance is a cross domain innovation that integrates tried and proven electrical switching hardware that is obsolescence proof with leading edge software and Internet Cloud technologies.

The Natus appliance delivers one of the first turnkey solutions that is easily installed outside and scalable for worldwide application. It serves both Utilities and owners with a long term solution to the connection, monitoring and control of distributed energy resources.