The current system of centralized generation and transmission is wasteful. It's been estimated that upwards of 70% of the electric energy generated is lost during transmission or dissipated as heat generated by transformers or other electrical equipment and devices. Additional waste is realized by powering idle equipment not in use. While transmission losses cannot be eliminated, controlling devices that are not in use or could be operated during less expensive periods of the day can reduce overall energy costs by as much as 20%.

Imagine what a consistent 20% reduction in energy cost savings would represent. The challenge, of course, is nobody consistently remembers to turn off the lights, turn down the heat or cycle the air conditioner, pool pump or water heater during periods of the day when the cost of electricity is lower.

Busy schedules and demand driven lifestyles don't always prioritize these steps towards controlling electric consumption on a regular and consistent basis.

The Natus Smart Energy Appliance is your automated energy resource manager. Systematically controlling consumption all in accordance with your elected life style preferences. It's like having your personal assistant day and night looking for ways to save you money. It's a set it and forget it approach to achieving long term energy cost savings and managing your life style comfort.